SMS Autoresponder Canada: use cases

A large number of Canadian companies use SMS autoresponder, because everyone has a mobile phone nowadays.

Example applications of SMS auto responders

The basic idea is to encourage your customers to want to receive marketing messages from your business.
SMS marketing is super-effective when compared to other marketing mediums, such as email or paper – some studies suggest it’s 30% more effective – because SMS messages are instantly opened and read by everyone. They are brief, and we all have our smartphone in our pocket – or in the palm of our hand.

Here are some examples of how you can use our SMS autoresponder for different industries.

Retail companies and shops

Encourage subscribing to your SMS list!
Send an automatic reply with a special discount code, and use bulk SMS to keep your subscribers updated about:

  • Arrival of new stock
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Sales
  • Discounts
  • Order status

But be smart and don’t spam, or your customers will unsubscribe as fast as possible.
Always give them a good reason to keep up with you updates, for example sending out a unique discount code at the end of each message.

Events and lounges

Using SMS, you can notify your customers about:

  • Upcoming events
  • Tickets sales
  • Seats availability

You can entice your visitors to join (and stay subscribed) to your SMS marketing list by giving special “extras” to “club members”, as good reserved seats, or a free exotic drink / free extra sweet, etc.

Transport companies

SMS gives you the ability to:

  • Register passengers remotely
  • Notify customers through SMS about the status of their online ticket order and self-service terminals


…and a lot more could be added, but i’m sure you already figured out how an SMS marketing campaign can improve your Canadian business!

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